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Carpet Cleaning

Carpets: Breathe Easy:
Odor Elimination

Nothing can add to carpet wear and tear like deep, imbedded carpet odors.  These carpet odors can latch onto carpet fiber and sometimes outlast the stains or damage to your carpet. The Clean Machine utilizes our environmentally safe cleaning process and products to not only wipe out deep rooted carpet stains, but eliminate nasty odors as well. 

Carpets: The Most Effective Stain Solutions

We know carpet stains can sometimes trick you into thinking you can get them out yourself.  And so do all of those carpet cleaning chemicals on the market!  Don’t believe the hype about carpet cleaning solutions, especially spot cleaners that can leave your carpets mottled or over bleached in the soiled area.  The Clean Machine uses proven effective stain solutions that are environmentally sound and versatile enough to clean all types of rugs.  We combine our stain solutions with our carpet cleaning method to ensure clean carpets and that last long and endure.  Clean carpets, long lasting carpets and protected carpets – that is the Clean Machine goal.

Damaged Carpet Repair

Damaged carpet is a bummer! Don’t call for new carpet, yet!  Let the Clean Machine come out and asses your damaged carpet, ripped carpet, torn carpet or heavily stained carpet and let you know what the alternatives are to costly carpet replacement.  We perform carpet repair to damaged carpets that can save you money on new carpet!

Pets and Carpet Care

Pet contamination happens.  Our pets are our family, but there are times when pet stains on the carpet can get out of control, especially when they go untreated. And where there is pet stained carpet, there are pet odors that can deeply penetrate carpets.  Even if the stain is gone, the odor can linger for months and resurface before or after the pet stain saturates your carpet.  And your nose isn’t the only one that senses it.  Pet odors attract our pets to return to the scene of the crime again and again and re-soil the area – a vicious cycle that is unnecessary if you get the right carpet care – the Clean Machine carpet care for pet odor elimination.  Whether you have tried to treat your pet stained carpet, or left it too long, the Clean Machine method can tackle pet stains and pet odors from light to heavy in a variety of ways:

1-5 Scale Pet Stained Carpet

This would include a one-time soiled area or areas – perhaps your pet had a play date and a one-time incident occurred (not repeat staining in the same spot) in one or several spots.  This means the pet urine may not have saturated the carpet spot enough to damage underlying layers of your carpet and we can treat this area topically with fantastic results.  We combine the Clean Machine dual cleaning system to remove stains and odor, and then follow it up with our method of deep soil extraction.

5-10 Scale Pet Stained Carpet

This is that “repeat offender” we talked about that is likely your own pet, who is drawn to the stained carpet area again and due to odors they cannot resist.   When a pet continues to soil the same area of carpet, the pet urine seeps further down into the area to stain your carpet backing, carpet pads, and eventually the floor underneath.   Deeply stained pet soiled carpet generates an oily, sticky, residue that rises up again and again if you only treat these pet stains topically.   The Clean Machine takes multiple steps to deep clean heavily stained pet areas of your carpet and control the accompanying odor.  If you have badly pet stained carpet, call us today for a custom estimate.

Repair and Restore Discoloration of Carpet

Sometimes discoloration of carpet due to pet stains on your carpet, food spills on carpet, or heavy traffic on carpet can happen either immediately or over time.  If you are tired of looking at your worn, discolored carpet, the Clean Machine can address these issues with you and restore your carpet’s clean look and feel.

The Clean Machine Challenge: Give us a Carpet that we can’t handle! We clean all carpet types! We clean ordinary carpets, we clean dark carpets, we clean light carpets. No matter the pile of your carpet, the Clean Machine can get it clean and keep it that way with our proven carpet cleaning methods that include quick dry carpet cleaning with high-powered fans and carpet protectant, and environmentally conscious carpet cleaning applications and products.

Even if your carpet is out of the norm, we can clean it - The Clean Machine has seen it all! We remove stains from your carpet and bring new life to high traffic carpets and we show you how we work to extend the life of your carpet.

Specialty Carpet Cleaning Services

Your specialty carpets and custom rugs were an investment.  The Clean Machine makes it our goal to make sure your specialty carpets are cleaned properly according to the customer carpet material, fibers, pile and look that drew you to purchase these custom carpets in the first place.  The carpet care we execute far outreaches our competitors and we take extra steps to not only clean your specialty carpets and rugs, but our cleaning processes that includes steam cleaning and odor elimination will not only get your special carpets clean, but it will allow them to last longer!

Commercial Carpet Care and Cleaning

The Clean Machine is happy to service your carpets of all types and styles, and at any venue.  Our commercial carpet cleaning services are just as intense, eco-friendly and proven successful as our residential carpet cleaning services.  Commercial carpet can be heavy duty due to tread, wear and tear and the amount of foot traffic it endures – not to mention all kinds of other traffic, too.

Protectant for Carpets 

Carpet protectant and upholstery protectant are more ways that the Clean Machine cleans and maintains your carpet’s look and feel.  Don’t just clean your carpets – protect them so they will last longer under heavy traffic, normal wear and tear, kids and pets, and more.  Carpet stain removal, carpet cleaning, and carpet protectant are all services by the Clean Machine so your carpets get clean, and stay clean longer.

What We Mean by Cleaning All Carpet Types:

  • We clean Residential Carpets
  • We clean Commercial Carpets
  • We clean Office Carpets
  • We clean Oriental Rugs
  • We clean exotic carpets and area rugs
  • We clean Specialty Carpets
  • We clean Custom Carpets
  • We clean stained and soiled carpets
  • We clean Old Carpets
  • We clean New Carpets

We clean your tired, your weary, and your high traffic carpets. We clean your pet-soiled carpets. Give us your damaged carpet, your pet-stained carpet – the Clean Machine will tackle carpets with odors, carpets with long histories, and carpets you would rather get clean than replace. The Clean Machine gets carpet cleaning and that gets you CLEAN CARPETS each and every time. We stand behind our carpet cleaning techniques, our locally owned Santa Barbara carpet, tile and stone, hardwood, and upholstery cleaning business, and the Clean Machine protects your carpets as well as the environment.

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Additional Clean Machine Services:

  • Clean Machine Offers FREE ESTIMATES
  • Cleaning & Polishing of All Types of Floors & Surfaces
  • We Provide Rug Cleaning & Protectants
  • Our Pet Odor Control Services are Proven Efffective
  • Quick, High-Powered Fan Drying Process
  • Environment Safe Products and Application Process
  • Legendary Customer Service We are Known For  

The longevity of your floors, textiles, and surfaces is our number one goal, next to providing our Santa Barbara rug, carpet, upholstery, hardwood, and tile and stone cleaning customers the best service with highest level of expertise!

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