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Stone Polishing


Natural Stone Services: Cleaning, Polishing & Sealing

Natural Stone requires special attention to clean and protect it. The Clean Machine cleans and polishes all natural stone surfaces.  We polish and seal your natural stone countertops to make it last.  Your natural stone will maintain its look and last longer with our simple cleaning technique and natural stone cleaning services. It scratches & etches easily. Marble is sensitive to food acids (including citrus products, sodas, etc.) and the acidic agents in household cleaners. We offer mineral deposit and stain removal as well as cleaning, polishing, and sealing of marble floors and countertops.

Marble Cleaning, Sealing and Polishing

Marble cleaning, marble polishing, marble sealing – the Clean Machine will clean your marble to make it shine, and last.  Our marble cleaning techniques have our clients loving the results of their clean, sealed and polished marble. Try us out and enjoy the luster of your marble again!

Grout and Tile Cleaning and Sealing

The Clean Machine has a Grout & Tile Cleaning division that focuses on the special cleaning and care of your bathroom, kitchen and other tile surfaces.  We clean, grout and tile, and seal it to protect it from all the it endures day to day.

Additional Clean Machine Services:

  • Clean Machine Offers FREE ESTIMATES
  • Cleaning & Polishing of All Types of Floors & Surfaces
  • Quick, High-Powered Fan Drying Process
  • Environment Safe Products and Application Process
  • Legendary Customer Service We are Known For

The longevity of your floors and surfaces is our number one goal, next to providing our Santa Barbara tile and stone cleaning customers the best service with highest level of expertise!

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Customer Tip:

Advantages of Stone Vs. Manmade Materials

The advantages of stone over manmade material is that -- though natural stone requires periodic cleaning and resealing -- it is generally not too pricey and if cleaned properly doesn’t have to be sealed all that often. Insist on using natural stone cleaning products rather than bleach or other harsh chemicals. Also, some manmade surface are just as easily damaged as some natural stone surfaces. Some natural stone surfaces are even more durable than manmade ones.

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